Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Pixies and Poppies Round II - Card 18

Quite some time ago, I was very, very lucky and won this Spellbinders Poppy die at Pixies Crafty Workshop. This a very fun challenge run by the bubbly Di . The antics of the other guests who drop by each week, to play in the workshop and the adjoining playground, will keep you amused. If you decide to check them out, just make a card incorporating some scraps, or snippets, as the British crafters call them!

I am trying hard to break my mad habit of hoarding new things. This die is my NBUS item for this post. It feels good to finally take it out of the package and put it to use.  As I was creating this for a sympathy card, I just lightly chalked the edges with a bit of pinky/brick coloured chalk, and then added a light touch of green chalk at the bottom, on the wee hilly bit.

I tucked that hilly bit behind a premade ivory oval frame that came with a scrapbook kit. I bought that kit about ten years ago!. This is my VOS item for this card. I did have to cut off part of the hilly side edges to get it to fit into the frame...hope you will forgive me Di!   lol
I hand cut a small snippet of black card into an oval mat. slightly smaller than the frame and tucked it underneath.
I pulled the poppies through the frame and let them overhang the inner edges. To add to the frame look, I pop dotted a few of the blossoms forward.

Pop Dotted the frame onto a soft pearelscent pink, Memory Box Debutant frame. I did not have any black DP with me but I did have a box of prefolded notecards 4 1/4 x 5 1/2. I cut the front off one of the notecards and glued the MB Debutante frame onto it. All of that was then glued onto a silver 5x7 prefolded glitter card.
At this point the card looked top heavy and I decided that I did not want to add a sentiment to the area I had left empty at the bottom.  So, I wacked some of the length off the glittered card and will make a custom sized envelope with my punch board.

Thanks to you,  Di,  for providing the die that inspired this Sympathy card. What fun I have found at the playground. I feel I have made such a lovely friend across the ocean, and so enjoyed meeting up with you last summer!

I am entering this card in the following challenges
1. Pixies Crafty Workshop - must use snippets
2. Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge - Anything Goes

Some of you asked me just what is an RV.  It is a recreational vehicle...in our case a 5th wheel trailer. We do not drive and tow it as it for our vacations. Instead it is parked here in the Shuswap area of BC where we spend our vacations..
The guest bunkie I showed you all two days ago,  is the green vinyl sided building. The gazebo where I colour my images, is the tent structure. It has net curtain panels to keep out the wasps in Augus/.September and full heavy curtains if it rains and we still want to sit outside anyway and play cards or gamies.   Doesn't look all that inviting as we had already put the chair cushions away in the shed!  You can just see the edge of the RV to the right of the photo...

Here is a shot of the RV. We have neighbours behind and on the gazebo side. We are an end lot so have a dead end road to the right of the photo. There are fields on the other side of that road.

As you can see we have a few trees...thank goodness as it is nice to have the shade from them when it gets into the mid 30's.  One is particulaily messy and the leaves drop and stain the concrete. We mutter about it when we are bleaching the concrete each spring, but it has a valuable use to us as  our  insurance states the boat must be chained when not in a marina.

The lake is about a 5 minute walk from here. There is a dock and a nice beach with a great firepit area. I was too busy to walk over there for a photo though...too busy packing my summer stuff to take back home.

Just so you understand why I craft in the bunkie, here are some shots to show how space is a premium in an RV. These cupboards in the living room hold the linens, quilt and pillows for the hide-a-bed, as well as winterweight blankets for all the beds.

The couch and the table are situated in a bumpout or "slide out" as they are called here.  The area behind the beam slides out on motors to create extra room. We slide them back in for the winters

See those dining chairs...they have a unique feature...lol

There is another slide across from the couch that you could see in the outdoor photo. It holds our       
media area. You can just see the upper cabinets of it beyond the coffee pot. The stovetop comes with a cover to help create extra prep space...same with the covers over the double sink!                                                     

The front closet is only 4 inches or so deep...it just holds 4 lightweight jackets or hoodies and then it is full! The fridge/freeezer  is the door with the black trim and the door at the top of the two stairs is our bedroom and bathroom.
You can just see the bottom of the bedroom TV in that upper cabinet. I send DH up here if he wants to watch the golf or sports!  lol

Here is the shower...literally two steps from the bed! Space is a premioum!  There are two more windows in here...on each side of the head of the bed. They give a much needed cross breeze when it is hot. We  have a ceiling fan and ceiling vent here and another in the living room. We do have air conditioning, but try not to use it as we both hate the feel of the blasts of frreezing air. We try to just use the fans and those ceiling vent fans!  Once it gets into the high thirties though, the air has to go on!

 There is a bank of mirrored closet door across the back wall but I am not showing that as I look a fright from packing and you will get my reflection!

Well, that's it for the tour. Now you all know what an RV looks like.  Blink and you would miss it! lol

Sunday, 31 August 2014

3 more for 104 Round II - Card 17

Three more flowers to add to the  flower ticker at the top of my blog. That makes it 104 flowers that I have used up so far this year. Not even half way yet...Yikes...Think I had better start cruising my Pinterest boards for more ideas.

This is another card featuring the Memory Box, Massa Leaf Frame die. I inked it with the Invild Bolme chalk inks again and then tucked a snippet of hessian over the aperture. Once again, I used some teensy tags that came with the First Edition Boho 6x6 paper stack.

Added some more flowers from my never ending stash.  Staring at the card photo as I type this post, I wish I had just added one. Three is a bit of overkill, methinks.

I have not added a sentiment yet. I thought the two little birds on the tag makes it perfect for an Anniversary card. I will add a suitable insert once home again as we do not have a printer up here..

DP - First Edition Boho Chic
Card Stock - snippet of white card inked with greens
Die - Memory Box Massa Leaf Frame die
Flowers - Prima or maybe Recollections...I think
Hessian - from my stash
Tags - Cut from the First Edition Stack embellishment page
Bling - teensy green diamond on the tag...from my stash
Ink - Prima Invild Bolme chalk inks in two shades of green, and also a cream

I am entering this card in the following challenges
1. Pixies Crafty Workshop - must use snippets (the hessian and the card for the die)
2. We Do Doobadoo - texture
3. Simon Says Stamp - Anything Goes I did use a memory Box Die

A few readers have wondered how I craft in an RV. I have mentioned B4 that I craft in the bunkie  (our 8 x 10 foot guest bunkhouse). I work on a folding 2 x 4 foot table from Costco, where I  have my two long Rubbermaid under the bed boxes, sitting out on the futon bed. When company comes, the table gets put outside and is employed as a bar surface. The Rubbermaid boxes slide under the bed and the room is ready for your visit! You can see the lids just beside the boxes.

Here is a close up so you can see what it all is...

The long bin on the right of the screen holds my little one page photo albums from the Dollar Store. Some hold die cuts I have rolled off at home, and one holds images waiting to be coloured. Another holds images I have already coloured! The pink box is my pencil crayons and nibs; the middle larger box holds some embellies; the pink plastic file envelope is some bling, and the back bin is some stamps and 2 Momento ink pads and blocks, with my chalks perched on top.

Next long bin to the left holds some 6x6 pads of cardstock and DP. There is some Xmas DP and  regular everyday DP as well. Across the center of that box are my finished or almost finished cards. Behind that are my copics and other pen.  Tools and glue tape etc are at the back.

Far bin on the left of the screen is some prefolded corrugated cards and Xmas embellies, The blue bag is ribbon...hahahahha...Too funny, considering how I rarely use ribbon! I don't know what came over me to pack up this much ribbon! It does hold jute and twine as well...but still!

Here is where I work...just across from the bed! I was painting the dresser and night table with Annie Sloan chalk  paint just B4 this photo. The Ott light usually sits on the dresser but the wax has to cure for 4 or 5 days. There is just enough room for a wastebasket at the right edge of the table! We hope to add a TV in here next year. It will sit angled across the dresser so it can be seen from the bed.

Now, here is the bunkie with my craft supplies put away under the bed. It is set up for my youngest daughter and my two grandchildren (arrived today). Little Miss C sleeps in the top bunk, my daughter on the double bed futon and Little Mr P camps out on a thick foam mattress on the floor. I do have to slide the night table over to sit alongside  the dresser, to accommodate him...but this gives you an idea. The sheets and quilts are stacked on the bed...This Grandma was too tired from painting the dresser to make the beds up this time! lol
You can just see the edge of Little Mr P's mattress tucked under the blue futon.

Here is the rest of Little Mr P's bed...

Beside him is the finished dresser and night table. Well, not quite finished as I still have to add the silver Viva Gold to the edges of the router detail on the tops. I then will add the final step... distressing the whole thing with a lick of soft green chalk paint added to the next coat of wax.
That will have to wait as I need to give my hands a rest for a bit though!
Oh look, there is a slim sized 12x12 iris cart under the dresser...I forget what is in there!

The dresser and night table were a find off Craigslist. The night table drawer handle does not match so I am watching for another one. I did Annie Sloan it up a little, to try to get it to blend in!

We have just stripped wallpaper off the walls. They now need the drywall seams sanded, as well as various screw holes and marks need patched as well. A new coat of paint will follow. Then I will have to pester DH to bring up some of the left over baseboards from our house remodel, and lay it in here!

If you stuck with me so far, good on  you! This is crafting at the lake...bunkie style! Got to run as I am being called in to play Horse-Opoly...a horse mad little girls Monopoly game!!!   lol

Friday, 29 August 2014

Pet Loss Round II Card 16

Poor Little Miss C woke up one morning last week to find her Chinese Fighting Fish had died. It was about 4 years old and lived on the kitchen island. It was very social and would try to jump out of the tank if it liked you and you paid it some attention. My how that fish loved it when the kids came downstairs for breakfast.

Little Mr P has one too and has kindly offered to share his fish with her! It lives on the island too and watches them with great interest as they eat their breakfast. Sadly, her day got worse when she went to check on her rabbit, she found it had died in the night too. Her Dad thinks a racoon came by and the poor bunny was frightened to death.

I have made this card for the two of them as I know they will be watching the mail, expecting this Grandma will send something.

I had this rhinestone cross tucked in with the images I brought up here. I was planning  to make a Christening card with it. I thought it was perfect for this sad occasion so figured i can sort the Christening card out once I am home.

I only had a few dies with me that layered at all, so had to use what I had. Some of you may in fact recognize the Spellbinder kraft Fancy Labels 2 die, that has already been layered with the soft pink background and then painted here and there with some ivory acrylic craft paint.  I did a series of card with these dies and tones last year...luckily I had one die left over.

I stuck the cross to that die and then layered it onto a black diecut that came with a scrapbooking kit (about 10 years ago)! That is my VOS item for sure! I did not realize I even had this black die with me. For some reason I stuck it with my diescuts as I was rolling them off. Thank goodness I did.
I then placed them onto a Memory Box Debutante die, and attached that to  a piece of black houndstooth paper. I did not actually have any black DP up here...this was cut off the front of a prefolded note card!

I was working backwards from my usual...cuz when my whole card top was finished, I then glued it onto a 4/14 x 5/12 card base. Weird I know, but that was the mood I was in...lol

The inside is a wee envelope that I bought at Michael's quite some time ago. I sliced off the folded top and made it into a pocket. I then wrote a little letter to them both, folded it up and place it inside the pocket.
At 6 and nearly 8, they are still young enough to like the secret letter in a pocket idea.

Hope you like it...it was a very sad card to make and this Grandma had tears in her eyes making it!

I am entering this card in the following challenges: